Fixing crowded and crooked teeth with orthodontics

Fixing crowded and crooked teeth with orthodontics.jpg

Correcting problems with crowded and crooked teeth not only gives you a
better smile, it also leads to a healthier mouth.

Malocclusion, also known as bad bite, involves teeth that are crowded or

Sometimes, the upper and lower jaws may not meet properly and, although the
teeth may appear straight, the individual may have an uneven bite.

Problems such as protruding, crowded or irregularly spaced teeth may be
inherited. But thumb-sucking, losing teeth prematurely and accidents also
can lead to these conditions.

As well as spoiling your smile, crooked and crowded teeth make cleaning the
mouth difficult. This can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and possibly
tooth loss.

A bad bite can also interfere with chewing and speaking, cause abnormal
wear to tooth enamel and lead to problems with the jaws.

Orthodontic treatment can help correcting these problems giving you a
better smile but, more importantly, creating a healthier mouth.

Your dentist will advise you on how orthodontic treatment could help you.


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