How to take care of your teeth with braces

How to take care of your teeth with braces.jpg

Braces are orthodontic apparatus used to help fix crooked and crowded

While modern braces can be comfortable and inconspicuous, you may have to
take extra steps to care for your teeth when wearing them.

Its important that you continue good oral hygiene practices while wearing

You need to continue brushing regularly, following the approach suggested
by your dentist, as well as flossing daily and making regular visits to the

People with braces should stick to a balanced diet and limit the number of
snacks between meals.

Your dentist may suggest that you avoid certain foods that could interfere
with braces or accidentally bend the wires. This can include nuts, popcorn,
hard candy, ice and sticky foods such as chewing gum or caramel.

You can still continue to enjoy sports and other activities but a
protective mouth guard is often recommended to reduce the risk of injury to
the mouth or jaw. Your dentist will suggest an appropriate mouth guard when
the braces are in place.

Braces can make a big difference to your smile and your future dental
health. Modern technology and following good practices means you should be
able to wear them with comfort and confidence.


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