How braces look good

How braces look good.jpg

Braces are orthodontic appliances that can help straighten out crooked and
crowded teeth.

As well as making you look better, they can help improve your dental

Many people have been put off wearing them because of how they look but
modern braces can be very inconspicuous.

One way of making them inconspicuous is by having the brackets – the part
that attaches to each tooth – fixed to the back of the tooth.

The brackets can be also be made in many different materials such as metal,
ceramic or plastic so they can be more attractive or less visible.

They can also be designed to appear less noticeable – say be being clear or

You can also choose to have them in virtually any color. You can even have
them gold-plated or glowing in the dark.

Some people like to have their braces shaped in as something distinctive
such as a heart or a football.


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