Mothers Like Braces Better

The vast majority of modern mothers believe braces today are much cooler than when they were young.

In a study for the American Association of Orthodontists, 86 percent of mothers said braces are cooler today than when they were kids and 69% said wearing braces makes their children feel cool.

The vast majority – 81 percent – said their children’s experience with orthodontic treatment was either positive or extremely positive.

One of the factors making braces better today is the range of different color options available so that children can choose the look they want.

This makes the kids feel better about their orthodontic treatment.

Even though the mothers feel braces are cooler today, most – 78 percent – of those who had braces theselves as a child feel it was a great investment by their parents.

Most feel comfortable about visits to the orthodontist and 81 percent rated their child’s experience of visiting the orthodontist as positive or extremely positive.

Entertaining video games and music help children enjoy their visits to the orthodontist while computer software that predicts how they will look after treatment keeps them motivated.


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